Pass the Crown

DESIGNED BY Keturah Ariel

Acrylic on wood. 2015.

This painting is “Untitled” because Keturah wants the viewer to create their own interpretation of the image. Background information of this painting: “Last year I worked with a team of amazing artists and youth in Columbus, Ohio to design an image for a billboard. The kids we were working with are from the neighborhood where the billboard is located. My main concern was to do an image to empower and uplift them. This image made it into the final 6 images but wasn’t selected for the final 4 (However, another one of my images was selected 🙌❤). This one was special to me though, because it’s genuinely straight from my heart to the black youth of the world. This painting is about community, togetherness, teamwork, love, but also realizing the seriousness of responsibility and being accountable for each other. Everyone wants a crown but are you responsible enough to honor it? We have to know who we are and the power we have by just being alive. I’m tired of the media and I have become adamant about my work being something that counteracts the negative things we can’t help but see every time we tune in. We are everything you see in this painting and more. Maya Angelou’s “Still I Rise” was a centralized theme while we were working on this project and if this painting had been selected, I wanted the poem to accompany it in some way. I am honored to have been selected to be apart of this effort and I am very excited about it.” -Ariel.


One day I would like for this painting to be a public art piece, specifically a mural where individuals can take photos with the art themselves. See below photos for an example.

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Year: 2015
Categories: Personal
Media: Acrylic on Wood